Artificial Respiration (TKS, December 2020) combines the domestic convention of the wall calendar and the Surrealist tradition of collage poetics into a collaborative artists’ book that includes twelve months plus calendrical coda. With poems by Conley Lowrance, collages by Sarah Monks, Artificial Respiration was printed in an edition of 77 copies, saddle-stitched in colored staples and signed by the poet and artist. In a lavender glassine envelope, with rubber-stamped cover and calendar insert designed by TKS publisher M.C. Kinniburgh. Artificial Respiration may be purchased on Granary Books here.

alt text of the poem for a screen reader: 

artificial respiration IV

See, I have certain obligations to my customers, I sell them copper-coated tubes
& let them push me in my wheelchair. But when the company announces

that it will suspend production of its amazing lungs, what am I to do? You won’t lose
your job, don’t worry! As if! Here, hand me toilet paper, hand me webcams,

none of those high-tech warehouses, no chess sets with their unblinking eyes. No, 
I’m taking to the beach, tonight if I can. I’m looking for sand or to be struck dead

by falling coconuts. I am looking for additional paid time! Please respond.

Brokelyn, four poems, January, 2019

Alt text of poem for a screen reader:


The camera pans across the mouths. Each mouth, an oil slick. Speaking into one another.

It is perfectly natural to speak, you might say.
The camera nods vigorously.

It is perfectly natural for the telephone to wait for you by the door
to kiss you on the cheek when you return.

The scene changes. Sunday arrives like tousled hair. The camera is attentive now,
like a child.

Watch: the mouths are socializing, gesturing. One hands another a flute of champagne.

One mouth hurls itself through the nearby window & hits the ground below. 

Who cares. We’ve made a lot of money from these mouths, you might say.
& the camera, eagerly, nods in agreement.

& money is like skin. Skin, the largest organ. Twenty-two square feet of skin. 
Money, like skin, must be kept clean.

The camera falls out of focus. Returns. The mouths have been replaced by a stack of photographs.
They wait on an empty table in the middle of an empty room.

Your hand leafs through them,
each portrait more illegible than the last: stranger, stranger, an actress, another stranger.

The camera watches as you set them down and walk away. 


Off screen, the camera, dutifully, takes the discarded photographs & sets them on fire.

Bombay Gin, two poems, September, 2018

Alt text of the poem for a screen reader:


You are repeating: morning, insignificant; 
mourning, insignificant.
We’ve chained ourselves to this little bridegroom—  
pardon our errors, the celluloid will not. 

It is this American demon, no longer your ghost,
no longer your haunting,
that waits in my esophagus.  But our mouths are damned,
& we are opening doors we may never close again.

I cannot speak. I am mourning, I cry often,
I am pure. In the pews, blood sings of so many missing birds.

Uut Poetry, “Exeunt omnes,” February 12, 2016

Alt text of the poem for a screen reader:

Exeunt omnes

Pale snow staining golden lips—
snow falling like dead skin. 
There was filth behind the door—we
had just started drinking
again. In that crystalized hour, my voice,

almost soft, was greyish in your ears. 
Why are my fingers
shaking? I asked in a panic. A: men 
are sliding credit cards along my tongue.

You felt like smiling. An arrangement
of holed curtains fell violently to the floor.
Yet still, as if by chance, 

Wednesday arrives—the snow subsides.

Blazing Stadium, three poems from Artificial Respiration, August 2020

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